Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I am outraged! I am furious at the Government of Canada. I'm not really sure why I am outraged, I just know that when I see my Xena Warrior Princess Libby Davies rocking those lips of fury, it signals to me that I too should be outraged. Ralph Goodale is right, our Government is pissing all over our Democracy! At the same time, I have to muzzle some of my discontent because I strongly believe that all citizens of this country have the unalienable right to get paid not to work, whether they earn it or not. I can't slam the government for not going to work when I myself am fighting for my right to get paid not to work.

But, what I am furious about is that I will not be able to see Bob Rae and Ujjal Dosangh on the floor of the House of Commons accusing our troops of war crimes and the government of being complicit in it. I want everyone around the world to know that we knowingly violated the Geneva Conventions, and I want them to watch it every single day on the CBC when they are staying at a Holiday Inn Express during the Olympics. We need to free all criminals of war, and I am saying that as an expert in warfare.


  1. Marx

    Settle down....we still have Jack and Lizzy.They can be counted on to provide the stupidest comment just when you need it the most.


  2. Or Libby. She's a maniac, maniac, on the floor (of the House).