Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I trust Bureaucrats

Listen people, if you want the best information on what the government is doing, you must implicitly trust individual bureaucrats over decorated military Generals. Our neo-con military leadership is not to be trusted, and frankly I don't think their word on any matters of warfare should be trusted. The problem with bureaucrats is that there aren't enough of them. We need thousands more hand picked, loyal men who will advocate big government and accuse our military of war crimes. Not only do I support Richard Colvin in his claims against the Government, but I would like to nominate him to become the Minister of Defense, assuming of course that Ujjal Dosangh is not available for the job. All those military Generals saying that his allegations lack formidable basis in provable fact are delusional cons who want to overthrow democracy and install a fascist regime like Chancellor Palpatine in Star Wars.

What I say is real. As I have stated in the past, I am an expert on military warfare and as an enlightened intellectual philosopher, my opinion is more important than the people deployed in the field.

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