Saturday, December 5, 2009


It took me less than a week to get a thousand hits on a blog with no host site. I just post comments on sites and ride the Iceman's entrails. That capitalist pig owes me a living, but I digress. Thank you people for coming on board with an important message of uniting the left wing under a common banner. I am offended about the allegations that this site is satire! How can you call the world ending in a few years or less humorous? That kind of evil neglect for polar bear life will not be tolerated in the home of the Progressive Marxist. We would have been lucky to have Stephane Dion, but Bob Rae would move mountains.


  1. Groucho

    Sorry for accusing you of being a clearly have no musical talent.


  2. I can play Mary Had a Little Lamb on virtually every musical instrument, and that is not a lie you capitalist scum!

  3. I can do a tenor sax rendition of Hot Cross Buns that would knock your socks off!

  4. I know you are but what am I, errr, I know you don't but what do I, errr, I know I don't but what do you, errr, I have confused myself.... MARX ROCKS!!!

  5. Pleased to drag you along in my coat-tailes...

    You are a shinning star of left wing bloggers.