Sunday, December 6, 2009

Full Employment Insurance

This is what we need to do. If you are released from a job, you should get 100% of your wages for up to 10 years. I am laid off from jobs with repeating frequency, mostly I suspect because my capitalist overlords seek to suppress the words of the great prophet. Finding a new job can take years. Once you have been blacklisted from the Cosmicquench Coffee house, it is next to impossible to continue in that line of work, let alone break into a new industry. They ask for references at most fast food chains, so there goes that industry. When I am not working for a living, which is more often than not, I cannot afford new games for my X-Box.

In a perfect world, a Utopian world, I could get paid for life to not work. I would then be free from the shekels of capitalism and able to pursue my dreams of competing in X-Box tournaments and exporting the Marxist system to free countries all over the world. If we could turn every country into North Korea, Cuba, or my favourite Venezuela, then heaven would indeed be a place on earth. It is my right to be supported by harder working people, and I demand the complete liberalization of employment insurance and welfare. Let's break down those capitalist barriers to Utopian work free life, when we can gather in a massive circle and all play X-Box together.


  1. Preach it brother!

    XBox blows though. The revolution will require the all-round versatility of the PS3!

  2. Comment mod?

    Some free life Utopian you are.

  3. Come on bra, all good marxist governments censor opinion. It is par for the course. Deal with it.

  4. I can't allow capitalist pigs to overrun my comment section.

  5. They should make a Red Dawn game for X-Box, and let people play as the Soviets.

    I'd buy it.

    (No, really. I would.)