Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Fantastic Convenient Truth!

All praise to Darwin, the CBC is airing an inconvenient truth. Even though I watch it at home every day between noon and 2 before I go check in at the local Service Canada outlet, I still had to watch it tonight. What a glorious film! I love how Al discusses his life story; a time when a few brave scientists first started counting air in a remote area and drew astronomical conclusions. He was one of the first to jump in with both feet, and the rest is history. Al Gore may not be human, he may be made of pure wisdom and star matter.

It is magnificent how he is able to use a variable to forecast unknown data of another variable, then he puts them on top of one another and discusses the correlation. Brilliant! He goes on to tell us how we need to shift food production into ethanol, which would certainly help accomplish my desire for consecutive quarters of negative global population growth. I was standing by the standard 5 year plan of Chairman Mao, but Al's idea sounds equally appealing. Al Gore is a crusader for the Marxist ideal, for our way of life, for redistributing wealth and capping production and consumption; we can create Utopia on Earth.

I support Al Gore for President of the World!


  1. I'm glad you are providing Canadians with an option that is left of the Greens.

  2. Personally, I'm nominating George Monbiot. There's something about a Zoologist and Gardening Journalist who became a climate expert that just screams "World Presdident" to me.

  3. Actually I agree with the Greens on quite a lot.