Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why we need CUPE

I am an ardent supporter of the Canadian Union of Public Employees. They are necessary if we are to have a strong, centralized government. Our bureaucracy needs a strong backbone, and that is represented and protected by CUPE. I just wish that they would let Sid Ryan get more involved in politics, and remove his muzzle and allow him to speak his mind. I would almost go so far as to endorse him for Minister of Foreign Affairs in a Rae Administration. Anybody is better than Lawrence Cannon, right?

CUPE is more than just a conglomerate of Progressive minds, they are the tool that can be used to absorb the rest of the civil service into this critical voting block. We need all the support we can accrue if we are to build our Grand Coalition of left wing parties. I want more blocks of workers to join the CUPE family. Secret ballots are just a capitalist tool for suppressing honest worker's movements. We need to know who is voting yes and who is voting no so that we can convince them to vote yes.

By administering services that the regular citizenry cannot live without, we have a unique bargaining power that other unions do not. Therefor, the bigger our tent, the more leverage we have over tax payers. We can acquire a greater share of tax revenue by using our bargaining power and forcing the people to force their politicians to give us what we want.

I support CUPE, and I support Bob Rae for Prime Minister.

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