Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All POWs Must be Freed

The leader of the Free World Obama has set the precedent that enemy combatants captured on the field of battle should be put on trial in Western civilian courts and afforded all the same rights and privileges of civilians presumed to be innocent. I agree completely, and all this jurisprudence should be retroactive to the moment of capture. Did the soldier have just cause to be in that war zone? Did he read the combatant his rights? Did they halt combat operations to do a proper criminal investigation? Was the capturing soldier himself a war criminal? Did the military incur the cost of putting Johnny Cochrane in a jet plane and fly him to the theatre for immediate and adequate legal representation?

Questions that we Liberals are entitled to know the answer to, but I doubt were ever considered! Therefore, none of the combatants in captivity were extended the legal rights that they deserve and all should be released. It would have been optimal had the Liberal Party carried out proper justice when they began the heavy mission in Kandahar, but nobody is perfect. Best stick our failures on the evil Capitalist Party who seeks to enslave the 3rd world. It is awesome how we are able to successfully blame the Tories for our own mistakes, and we must maintain the pressure. If I believed in Satan, he would be Stephen Harper. We must unite to defeat them. Now is not the time for internal strife.

Free all POWs!

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