Saturday, December 12, 2009

We Must Reduce the World's Population Now

I am running a poll to help me figure out the best way to reduce the World's population. We have too many people on this planet, and we need to reduce it by at least a billion people before millions of people start dying of climate change. We have to eliminate people in order to save people. I am a big fan of the one child policy, though I prefer my own idea of a "half a child" policy. Only every other couple is permitted to have one child, and must fight another couple to the death in a steel cage for breeding rights.

My other bright idea is to forcibly herd all the World's Conservatives into rocket ships and blast them into the sun. That way we can also eliminate dissenting opinion. I don't like people having an opinion different than my own. Anyone who doesn't agree with me is an idiot. The 5 year plan by Mao succeeded in killing millions. Shut down major food producers and redistribute assets to peasants with no farming experience. It is a brilliant way to crash food production and starve people to death.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I really like your half child policy, a thunderdome event of sorts. Might I suggest Elly May in the Tina Turner role?

    I know Elly lacks the gams but she more than makes up for it in teeth and that somehow seems appropriate.