Monday, November 30, 2009

The Time to Act is Now

There is no longer any time to debate the settled science of Global Warming. The fact that these "flat earthers" have been filibustering climate progress for so long now, this means that we now need more drastic action than we would have needed a decade ago. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The United Nations must discuss trade sanctions against countries that are non-compliant on this international consensus. We must discuss banning automobiles, forced closure of factories that burn fossil fuels, and ideas for significantly decreasing world population growth. Had the United States ratified and adhered to Kyoto when the treaty was first signed, these drastic measures would not be necessary. But because of the blind ignorance of those who refused to ratify it, we are now at the most perilous tipping point that the world has ever seen.

We will see if all these "flat earthers" are still laughing when the Northern Hemisphere is buried under a mile of ice and snow in 2020.

"Ignorance is bliss when it is folly to be wise"

-Jim Lahey, Trailer Park Supervisor

I endorse Bob Rae for Prime Minister

If we are forced to go to an election (that I would like to see as soon as possible) with Igantieff, so be it. The great uniter of the left is Bob Rae, and the sooner we can get him into the Pilot's Chair, the better. He is the candidate who can unify the left and dismantle the NDP systematically. We must step to the left to absorb as many Green Party and NDP votes as possible. Conservative attack ads have poisoned the center, and thus we must go where the votes are. Bob Rae is the man to do this, and I fully support having a Liberal Leadership convention where delegates actually have the opportunity to vote. I prefer not to have secret ballots, as a card check type system where your votes are public are the best means of convincing colleagues to vote for your candidate. The objective is to elect the most electable leader.

I support Bob Rae.

Taking Action

I have decided that I can longer sit on the sidelines while a divided left remains at each other's throats; facilitating the Conservative grip on power. I voted Marxist-Leninist in the last election, though I have voted NDP in the past. I have not been entirely pleased with Layton's big business approach to Economic policy, and I prefer a more grassroots movement. We need to replace Stephen Harper from the Captain's Room and replace him with a leader of who can maintain a Grand Coalition of the left wing parties and finally take this country down a glorious path.

I have grave concerns that the Harper Delegation at Copenhagen will only push us farther away from global consensus, and that if we do not act soon there could be a cataclysmic climate shift in our lifetimes. It is critically important that we put aside our past difference and unite under a common banner. If you total all the votes from the Liberals, NDP, and Green and put them into a single basket, the new coalition would have 176 seats. I'll take first past that post!

The political power acured would easily allow us to keep pace with the rest of the world in ending the threat of climate change by redistributing wealth to the impoverished world. Suffering will end, and peace will prosper. This is what we must do. The guerrilla techniques innovated by Mao do not work in a stable parliamentary democracy, and thus it is imperative that we work peacefully within the framework of our legal system. Invite all left wing parties to a binding policy convention on every subject, and that majority opinion will adequately reflect the true will of the people.