Monday, November 30, 2009

I endorse Bob Rae for Prime Minister

If we are forced to go to an election (that I would like to see as soon as possible) with Igantieff, so be it. The great uniter of the left is Bob Rae, and the sooner we can get him into the Pilot's Chair, the better. He is the candidate who can unify the left and dismantle the NDP systematically. We must step to the left to absorb as many Green Party and NDP votes as possible. Conservative attack ads have poisoned the center, and thus we must go where the votes are. Bob Rae is the man to do this, and I fully support having a Liberal Leadership convention where delegates actually have the opportunity to vote. I prefer not to have secret ballots, as a card check type system where your votes are public are the best means of convincing colleagues to vote for your candidate. The objective is to elect the most electable leader.

I support Bob Rae.

1 comment:

  1. Me too. He is the man who can put the curent PM in his place and do it with style.