Sunday, January 3, 2010

What About Bob?

I would like to send a message to the senior baggage handlers at the Liberal Party of Canada, and that message is that I need more Bob Rae. I need Bob Rae asking more tough questions more often to a larger audience. In fact, allow me to go so far as to say that I need a "Bob Rae Channel" that is all Bob, all the time. It can be launched concurrently with the Bob Rae radio show and podcast. I want to be able to walk around listening to Bobby show me the way 24 hours daily. It was a sad day when Rasputin stole the PMO from Bob, I cried, and even wandered around despondently in traffic, wondering how on Earth I could buy two tickets to paradise.

When I reminisce into the history, Bob Rae's Ontario, I get goose bumps. That was the best magic carpet ride in the history of Confederation! I was privileged enough to have experienced Heaven on Earth, the massive unemployment, destruction of commerce, and the imposition of an inquisition of civil justice for all. That was my Utopia, that is what I want back, that is what Rasputin stole from me, from Canada! Shame! I want more Bob Rae, such that wherever I am in this crazy crazy world, Bob Rae can be one of the voices in my head. To be able to listen to that sweet melody of Marxism pipe nonstop constant advice into my ears, well my friends there is a word for that, Heaven.

I think The Offspring sang it best.

"I reach to the sky and I call out your name.

It feels like Heaven is so far away!"


  1. Ummm....Marx...can I suggest you listen to more of The Offspring (Self Esteem is a good one) and less Bob Rae?

    I'm guessing the other voices might sing along to.


  2. Why would a Marxist listen to The Offpsring?

    Sometimes I just don't get this guy. Does he even know what the hell Marxism is?

  3. Hey Marky - do you get a tingle up your leg when you think of Rae.