Friday, January 1, 2010

Democracy, R.I.P

2009, the year that Democracy died in Canada. Stephen Harper has stolen your vote from you, such that your vote no longer has any meaning. Generally I am against Democracy as a form of selecting a representative government. First, it is difficult to win elections when you declare war on success to reward failure. Second, 75% of the civilian population are idiots and cannot be trusted to choose an individual to represent them in government. Elite left wing scholars such as myself are better positioned to impose our will upon the country because I am smarter than everybody, Bob Rae notwithstanding. That is why we need an unelected Liberal senate to filibuster and alter legislation from elected representatives. All those brave warriors selected by Jean Chretien and not by stupid civilians are thus by definition the people that we should have running both houses of the legislature.

Regardless of my own personal feelings about Democracy, I am outraged that Stephen Harper is destroying it. I can't figure out if I am contradicting myself, so let's just assume I'm not. I am a genius, and by definition can't be wrong about anything ever. I am furious that Stephen Harper is making it more difficult for the unelected senate to combat the legislators elected by idiots. This is not Democracy, this is a dictatorship. I'm not saying that I have a problem with dictatorships, only when someone with whom I disagree is running the country. Robert Mugabe is a magnificent dictator whose vision of land re-distribution was a little bumpy, but necessary. It will pay off in the long term. I love how I can transfer a Canadian dollar into a Zimbabwe dollar to become a billionaire.

Like when Paul Martin cancelled opposition days for a year because it was uncovered that the Liberals had righteously transferred millions of tax dollars into an allegedly fraudulent program; that was okay. We did not want the opposition to table legislation. In that instance, it was permissible to manipulate Democracy for partisan gain. Why? Because it benefited us, and thus is morally righteous. An elected Prime Minister diminishing the obstructionist influence of an unelected body is an outrage, and I don't want to work so I am going to bang on my drum all day!

I will leave you now with a paraphrasation of Nine Inch Nails. Democracy is dead, and no one cares. If there is a Hell, I'll see you there!

Amen brother!

P.S I think I made up two new words in this post, in a game I like to call, fun with suffixes.


  1. Marx

    None of us want to work..I just want my cheque.

    That said...more debate at my blog and of course CC has a rousing apoplectic cacophony.


  2. you are so full off commie bullshit

  3. Marx - you are a roasted nut.

  4. My gawd it kills me to agree with you.

  5. Marx, if voting could change anything they would have abolished it long ago.