Saturday, January 9, 2010

Let's take the Prime Minister to Kangaroo Court

I have an idea for the loyal left winger opposition parties who will be righteously returning to work in two weeks. What we need to do is set up an unofficial "committee" meeting on whether or not the Prime Minister is guilty of high treason. We can invite a retired Liberal judge of choice to moderate the trial of Stephen Harper. This calls for an open courtroom, with perhaps an "open witness policy". Let's invite any and all Canadians to impeach Harper on the CBC. I want Bob Rae to be the special prosecutor. It would probably be best if we did not allow council to represent the government. We may want to consider renting a convention center and busing in thousands of students from U of T and McGill to testify. The youth need to be heard, uncensored!

We absolutely need to unleash the full force of Bob Rae on the Government while the masses are seduced by the bourgeois globalization you peons like to call Olympics. I am above such petty distractions. I see what needs to be sawn. I like that. "I see what needs to be sawn" may be my new catch phrase. I Googled it and it appears that it is original. People like me and Kady O'Malley are just on a higher plane of existence than the rest of you puny mortals.

I plan to do my part to help the loyal opposition brainstorm ideas for when pseudo-parliament returns on Jan 25th.


  1. Sawn...isn't that cut already?....Oh yeah. I sawn that two.


  2. I shudder to dignify that with a response...