Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jerry Springer, Supreme Court Justice

I have heard rumblings about the next appointment to the Supreme Court in the United States, and while Janet Napoleon is a mighty vixen, Jerry Springer really should be the only name on the list. A wisdom beyond Einstein who has his finger on the pulse of Western Culture. I have even gone so far as to claim Jerry as a canonized Patron Saint of Social Justice. JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! Everybody Jerry is the future, give him the robe and let him lead the way.

I also encourage my leaders to emulate Prophet Jerry as much as possible, in all facets of life. In the blogosphere we have Canadian Cynic, whether he be Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, or both amped up into one. I applaud my commanding officers for the foresight of their genius, and I await with baited breath your orders on what the world should really be. I can't quite figure out whether you kick ass or take it in the ass, but regardless I sit here in awe of that mighty Jerry Springer who truly, madly, deeply, makes Charles Darwin proud.

Rock on!


  1. Marky - O/T, where did you find the list of Progressive bloggers in the right hand bar? I am serious. I want to find Stageleft and ETP's homes ... where do those two hang out?

  2. Hey Marky - I am waiting for your answer to my question above.
    Are you so embroiled with that cesspool crumb of a blog you mentioned that you cannot read comments from your readers?
    BTW that idol of your, that blog guy you mentioned, he is a worm.

  3. I signed up to join the Progressive Bloggers and they rejected me. I leave the list there because I'm holding out hope. Besides, my comrades are my inspiration.