Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Victory for Obama

I would like to congratulate Barak Obama on a great and historic victory tonight in Massachusetts. The people were frustrated that health care legislation is not going through fast enough, and thus they voted for change. They didn't vote for Scott Brown, they voted for change. Since the health care plan has not yet been passed, the people of Massachusetts voted to speed up the process by electing a blowhard. As the people voted for change, they rejected the status quo, and the status quo is Sicko. I would recommend that President Obama appoint Michael Moore as the Health Czar and see what we can ram through the houses in the next two weeks.

That's what the people want.


  1. Yes, it's clear from his svelte build and vitality that Michael Moore is an expert on robust health!

  2. Put down the pipe, get a job and check in with reality. I cannot decide if you are naive or an imbecile. I suppose only time will tell.