Tuesday, January 5, 2010


As my countdown begins to my 5,000th page view, I would like to thank the people who visited Project Marx-A-Million. All this has been accomplished without the benefit of a host site. I am saddened to admit that my blog is homeless. The Liblogs don't want me, the Blogging Tories certainly don't want me, and I was even rejected by the Progressive Bloggers. It is a sad day when the Progressive Marxist can't make the cut for the Progressive Bloggers. I filled out my application and followed their instructions. All of the soon to be 5000 visitors of my site were exposed to the PB blog roll, providing them with free advertising while they provide me with nothing but a cold sidewalk to sleep on. Far be it from me to say that the Progressive Bloggers hate homeless bloggers, but there is strong evidence to support that the Progressive Bloggers hate the homeless.

It is not easy to survive as a hostless blogger. I have to continuously beg for scraps in the Liblog and BT comment sections. Fortunately for me there is at least one Blogging Tory with a heart of ice, who sends some eyeballs my way. Sometimes I kind of feel like Jame Gum, "It puts the eyeballs in the basket. IT PUTS THE FUCKING EYEBALLS IN THE BASKET!!!" But a man's gotta eat. Or maybe it's less twisted than that, maybe I'm like the Littlest Hobo. I see the numbers. My returning visitors and no referring links have been steadily growing. I just know that I'll survive, because as they say in this business, the shit rises to the top. Kady and Evan, I rest my case.

Marky Marx, aka Marx-A-Million

"maybe tomorrow I'll wanna settle down; until tomorrow, I'll just keep moving on..."

"every stop I make, I make a new friend; can't stay for long, just turn around, and I'm gone again!"


  1. Marx

    You and Ice are pretty tight. Are you two related?

    As far as finding a bloggy home, have you tried the Huffington Post? Seems like a natural fit to me.


  2. It's kind of puzzling, actually. It isn't like there aren't scarier people than Marx-A-Million on the Progressive Bloggers.

    Robert McClelland is an anti-semite, for God's sake!

    I wonder what the problem could be.

  3. Yeah, I too don't see the problem Marky. You are far more progressively loony than many of the loons on that blogroll, with the exception of 4 or five, no wait, 20 or 30 ... or okay ... most of them in fact. Why would they not open their arms to embrace a nice loony fellow like you in their fold?