Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stephen Harper photo contest

I would like to encourage my dozen fans to participate in my Contest. I am looking for the best picture of Stephen Harper murdering a baby animal. If you have to use photoshop, so be it, but I assume an evil misogynist like Harper murders baby animals as a hobby in his spare time. It shouldn't be too hard to find a shot of him choking out a baby polar bear. Let's be honest, by denying climate change, he is murdering polar bears. It would not be inflammatory if he is actually doing it in real life, which he is and we have consensus so you can't disagree with us.

Send your photoshop submissions to


  1. You're hilarious.
    Do you do this to make lefties look bad? Are you some kind of conservative mole? I read your blog from time to time when I need a good laugh.
    Polar bear hunter.

  2. This is a very serious issue, and if you find humour in this, you will burn in Hell. Wait, Hell does not exist, so your soul will burn in your consciousness. Yeah. Or the spirit of Darwin will extinct you.