Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Look, it is fantastic that we are pounding our message down people's throats this week. Placing massive limits on human consumption is exactly what Prophet Karl wanted us to do. Consumption is the corrupting root of all evil. That is all well and good, but I ask people not to forget the elimination of international trade as a fundamental tool for restricting production and consumption. We need to scrap free trade. The NDP is definitely on board with me here. The problem with trade is that it creates a merchant class of entrepreneurs, even worse so when you allow private industry.

When you allow private commerce to flourish, you create an entire class of used car salesmen being exploited by the bourgeois elite to murder the poorest class. We cannot allow commerce. We need the state to mandate all business, and we certainly can't allow free trade if we are to prevent catastrophic climate shift. If you Green Activists don't speak out against free trade, I will be expecting your apology in 10 years when there is a new ice age. Speak up and unite!

Marx bless Hopenhaven!

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