Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heaven is a place on Earth!

While the barista tip jar at the coffee hut has been a little lighter since the fall of capitalism, it remains my dream to live in the utopia of either Cuba or Venezuela. Where people with an opposing opinion are not allowed to speak publicly, where the government controls our lives, private enterprise is not allowed to exist, and failure is rewarded to spite success. It is a perfect world for me, where I don't have to work hard, and can piggy-back on the labours of others. I have grown weary of greedy capitalist pigs having an opinion and working hard to earn a better life. If government runs all business, then these people can't do business, and we can encourage them all to leave the country. Utopia can only exist when the hard working enterprising people have left the building.

I look forward to the day when I can afford to buy a plane ticket to Havana, because heaven is indeed a place on Earth.

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  1. Hugo Chavez is the reincarnation of Karl Marx, and he will save us from the evil of capitalism!