Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Healthy Artistic Expression

Listen people, submitting a photo of the Prime Minister being shot is a healthy display of artistic expression that should be loved rather than reviled. If they want to take the PM's head and photoshop it onto the body of a communist hero like Lee Harvey Oswald, then we should praise them for it. There is nothing wrong with letting people know that you harbour a latent desire to see your Prime Minister expire. We all feel that way, let it out.

I would like to encourage my comrades to continue to publish as many written words as you can possibly manage to produce, and to continue with the healthy displays of expression that you have today. If only more people knew just how honourable, insightful, and brilliant us Liberal bloggers really are, I might actually be able to raise money in my donations bin. It is hard raising money as a left winger, as our average supporters don't have any of it. Thank heavens for rich celebrities. They keep us in business!

Keep up the magnificent work Liberal Bloggers, you inspire me, you complete me!

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