Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dalton, I think I love you

Dalton McGuinty, Premier of Ontario, if I haven't said it before allow me to say it now; you are a magnificent leader! Everything you have been doing since you took control of power in Ontario has been exactly the path of deconstruction that we need. We must suffocate business if we are to assert state control over the populace, and you are doing exactly that. You have been strengthening the backbone of any good communist bureaucracy, the public unions. The more people who work for the government the better. If we can get that number up over half of all employed workers, then we are on our way to Utopia.

I love your frequent tax increases, as we need to money to pay for all this. Marxism isn't free. I love that you pass new laws to protect people from themselves. People cannot be trusted to make optimal decisions, as most choices made in a capitalist system are tainted by greed and desire for material possessions. Trust me, Dalton can minimize the ability of Ontario to acquire material possessions. I love that if I want to get a sex change, you'll pay for it. I'm not saying that I will take advantage of it, it's just nice to have on the table.

What else am I forgetting? Ah well, keep it up my man! Continue growing the bureaucracy, suffocating private enterprise, and increasing the control of the state over people's lives. We need you Dalton, you're our only hope!

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  1. Marx - you silly goose, because of Dalton your mother has to pay lots more on everything around the house. I hope she kicks you out in the cold for not contributing.

    Dalton hater