Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Heather Mallick is my Hero!

I love Heather Mallick, and I have a tremendous respect for her bravery to come out and write what needs to be written. We are past the tipping point of this climate crisis, and brave warriors like Heather must assert their influence over the masses of sheep who blindly follow capitalism like lemmings towards a cliff. I have seen the movie the Day After Tomorrow, okay, I know what is going to happen in the future! If we don't shut down Alberta yesterday, we will all be buried under a mile of ice by 2020.

I understand that we need the revenues from that golden goose to pay for Quebec day cares and McGuinty sex changes, thus my idea is to herd all the brainwashed capitalist citizens of Alberta into re-education gulags. The right wing has brainwashed them into working hard and achieving success and therefore need to be deprogrammed into the less ambitious doldrums of socialism. By using these people as forced labour, we can produce goods and services that can pay for all the ambitious social programs in the more enlightened provinces. Heather is exactly right, and I strongly believe that we should follow her advice. It is the only way that we can save the Planet.

Please Heather, keep writing. Your hard work and dedication is really helping our cause! You are a majestic queen, as beautiful and curious as Pandora, with the shocking good looks of a Nancy Pelosi. I bow at your feet wise sage, please, lead by example, by inspiration. I am humbled by the magnificence of you!

Let's close Alberta and herd its people into forced labour camps. That's what Heather would want us to do.

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