Thursday, March 11, 2010

Canada Pension

Last month I submitted my application to begin collecting my Canada Pension, and the government had the audacity to refuse my application for the ridiculous reason that I am 30 years old! Can you believe this shit? You are telling me that we as Canadians do not have the divine right to choose our own age of retirement? If I believe that the few hundred hours I have devoted to the Canadian workforce constitutes a job well done, that is my right. Once my working spirit tells me there's nothing left, there is nothing left. So I'm retired, shouldn't I then have the right to start collecting my pension? I have been paying into it for at least 500 hours! Each one of those hours passed like years. There has to be a law of relativity that can be presented as a mathematical proof that I have endured 500 years of soft labour.

Bob Rae for pension reform!


  1. Hear, hear! My grandfather (and many, many others of his generation) began collecting Canada Pension in 1977 after only paying into the plan for about 10 years. Why the double-standard?! I mean, he did fight the Nazis, but still..

  2. Marx

    The Leftard Law of Relativity?