Thursday, March 4, 2010

Canada at 200

Get ready Canada, in just 57 short years our country will be turning 200!!! This is going to be such a huge party that we need to start planning now. Taking my lead from my political superiors, I am going to host a "Canada at 200" thinkers conference in my mother's basement next month. I have already invited dozens of special guest speakers, though I have yet to hear back. My friend Paul the Starbucks barista has confirmed that he will give a speech on income equality. Jesse, our local community organizer has confirmed his speech on population control. Jimmy the exterminator is also expected to give his standard global warming lecture, and I have even convinced him to waive his $100 speaker's fee!

I am really excited! We need to confront the challenges of our times! If you would like to be invited as a guest speaker at "Canada at 200", e-mail

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