Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anarchy: A Love Story

I have spent most of my adult life following the divine prophecies of Michael Moore in his pursuit for a Marxist utopia. But watching the Canadian Anarchy League smash windows in downtown Vancouver, suddenly I am interested in the anarchist way of life. I want to be free of the oppressive police who defy social justice by arresting honest, hard working criminals. I would like the freedom to freely smash windows. I like smashing things. But as a wise man I know that I am not going to be able to transform Canada into a Marxist-Anarchist land of milk and cookies. Therefore I have decided to move to Mogadishu. Real estate prices are phenomenal, all you need to make your mortgage payments is an AK47.

Watching the violent disobedience on TV today made me yearn for anarchy. I am considering changing my name to Anarchist-A-Million.


  1. If you're for real seak help and stop taking the red pills and those little white ones...

  2. Anarchist-A-Million doesn't have the same cheery ring as Marx-A-Million, but you might explore the possibilities of Kropotkin-A-Million. Poor old Peter Kropotkin was just as much of a loon as Marx--while he didn't approve of smashing things up most of his friends did. :P

  3. Wouldn't that be Anarchist-A-Shilling?


  4. "Anarchist-A-Million doesn't have the same cheery ring as Marx-A-Million"

    Nahh, all he needs to do is find a number that starts with the letter A...

    Yeah. There you go. Problem solved.